Rob McKenna is not a moderate Republican.  He is a conservative supporter of corporate America.  Why else would the far-right Koch Brothers, oil companies, and tea party leaders be lined up to give him cash by the  truck loads?  You bet.  Koch Brother-affiliated donors, the rising Tea Party Star Jim Bruning, and the Tesoro oil company are donating big money to Rob McKenna, and McKenna is loving it.
These far right conservatives people do not support moderate Republicans.  They only support conservative Republicans that they know they buy off to get behind their agenda de-regulating Wall Street, smashing unions, and even more tax breaks for the rich.

Who’s Donating Big Money to Rob McKenna?

But it’s not just a big dollar amount. Who’s behind his fundraising says a lot about who McKenna is, and who he’d be as governor. Check out where some of his money is coming from:

– $10,000 from Koch Brother-affiliated donors, including $6,400 from one of the donors to the Koch Brothers’ infamous $1 Million Donor Club.

– $3,200 from the “Tea Party Star,” and the Nebraska Attorney General Jim Bruning — he was endorsed by Citizens United (yes, that Citizens United, which is undermining our Democracy by supporter corporations over people.)


– $1,600 from Tesoro Companies, Inc., an oil refinery company that was fined $2.3 million in 2010 for the explosion at its Anacortes refinery that killed seven workers.

– Raised money with conservative, anti-choice advocate, VA Governor Bob McDonnell — the man who pushed legislation to subject women to invasive transvaginal ultrasounds before they can exercise their constitutionally protected right to choose. After political pressure, he backed away from the bill.

– And on June 4, McKenna’s raising money in Texas with TX Attorney General Greg Abbott — who sued the EPA calling greenhouse gas regulations “unlawful.” Tesoro (see above) is a main sponsor.That’s who’s backing “moderate” Republican Rob McKenna.

Jay Inslee has already fought for the working class and helped created jobs and we need him as Washington’s next governor.

Thanks to IndieWire for the Koch Brothers graphics.