Rob McKenna thinks middle class Americans caused the crisis on Wall Street.  At yesterday’s debate, Republican Rob McKenna actually asked Jay Inslee if he agreed that the economic crisis that started on Wall Street was the fault of middle class Americans.

Jay Inslee doesn’t.  Jay knows it was the fault of Wall Street, not middle class Americans.

Hey Rob McKenna: Wall Street caused its own finacial problems

When Wall Street was deregulated in 1999, it was clear to Jay that unrestrained financiers would get us all in trouble someday, so he voted against deregulation. And Jay was right.

If there were any doubts about which candidate in this race will stand up for Washington families, there aren’t any more. Jay Inslee knows that the recession — a recession that has left more than 280,000 people without jobs — was started by Wall Street. Rob McKenna thinks it started with you.

We need to send Rob McKenna a message.

Click here to tell Rob McKenna to stop blaming struggling homeowners and start holding Wall Street accountable for the economic crisis! . . .

. . . Washingtonians deserve to know where the candidates for governor stand on critical issues facing our state — and McKenna couldn’t have been any clearer.

Thanks for adding your name and standing strong with Jay’s campaign.  — Joby Shimomura, Jay Inslee for Washington

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