Republicans in Congress have passed a “huge” tax bill today, but unfortunately, not the one we need. Instead of directing relief to small businesses and the middle class, creating jobs and true economic prosperity, this is a massive windfall to those who don’t need it and a whole new set of loopholes for special interests.

The vast majority of Americans oppose this bill. Reputable economists deride it. And groups that advocate for health care, education, senior citizens, and veterans are strongly against it.

Yet Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers promoted this plan across the country without even a single community conversation in Eastern Washington. Instead, she scheduled a “telephone town hall” to occur after she voted for the final bill.

Imagine if small businesses were relieved of health care costs and families didn’t need a medical expense deduction in the tax code, because anyone could buy into Medicare?

What if instead of voting to eliminate the student loan interest deduction, like Rep. McMorris Rodgers did, Congress created a national student loan refinance program and helped millions of students get on the path to buying homes and starting families?

What if we doubled our investment in university research, especially in sustainable agriculture and health sciences, and authorized a broadband internet “universal service” program for rural areas?

These are examples of economic policies that would be truly pro-growth, pro-family and pro-Eastern Washington. We can have votes on policies like these if we change the leadership in Congress.

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