If you have not made up our minds about Republican Rob McKenna, may this will help.  Jeb Bush of Florida is actively supporting him.  This is the same Bush who was was in charge of the State during the recount fasco of 2004 that gave us his disasterous brother George Bush.

This is the same Jeb Bush who was in charge of the state during the Terri Shiavo charade for partisan gain.  Jeb interfered with the family matter and order a last minute intervention into her medical care against her husband’s wishes.  Now Jeb Bush is supporting Rob McKenna.  That cannot be healthy for the State of Washington.

Jeb Bush supports Rob Mckenna for Governor

Tomorrow, we move into a new phase of the public side of the campaign. At 3:30 p.m., Rob and former Congressman Inslee will take the stage in Spokane for the first debate of the gubernatorial campaign. This will be the first opportunity for many people to see the stark contrast between our campaigns – one of positive, forward looking solutions and one that offers more of the same failed policies that we see in Olympia today.

The debate will be aired live on our state’s public affairs station, TVW, as well as Northwest Cable News, and will also be streamed live on TVW.org. Be sure to tune in if you can, it promises to be a good event.

Looking forward, I’m also excited to announce that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be in town later this month for a series of events with Rob. Governor Bush was a tireless advocate for education reform while in office, and he continues that work through his Foundation for Excellence in Education. Stay tuned for a chance to win tickets to one of the events next week.

Team, the momentum is on our side and we can’t stop now. Please consider making a $5 donation and taking ownership of a piece of this campaign. Also, please sign up to volunteer to help with our phonebanking and doorbelling activities in your area. Together, we can move this state in a New Direction.–Statement by the McKenna campaign.

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