Rob McKenna has been pretty good at it.  While running for Governor, he has said one thing in public.  Then he did the exact opposite behind the scenes without being caught.

The public side of Rob McKenna for Washington Governor complains about the rising cost of healthcare and calls for good paying jobs.  He will point to some small thing he has done for the working class so he can say: See I am with you guys.  However, the private side of Rob McKenna has done the opposite.

For over a decade, Rob McKenna has worked behind the scenes to support the richest 1% at the cost of the rest of us that are the 99%.  As the Attorney General of Washington,  McKenna  has shameless obstructed healthcare reform, and his efforts to interfere with working class people struggling for better pay and benefits have been heartless.

Rob McKenna’s Anti-Working Class Activities

This candidate for Washington Governor is no supporter of the working class.  His volunteers and donors are not either, and he will owe them favors if he is elected.  When talking to his Republican supporters, Rob McKenna blames all kinds of social ills on cost-of-living increases for workers and their pensions.  These are standard Republican taking points, for McKenna they are more than just words.  His labor-busting tactics and anti-working class antics date back to his time on the King County Council.

Rob McKenna on the King County Council

Rob McKenna repeatedly refused to approve collective bargaining agreements between the county and public workers when he was on the King County Council. In 1998, McKenna even voted against a motion that suggested that an employer should “bargain with its employees in good faith” and strive for the “fair treatment of workers.”  He probably will not act any differently as Washington Governor.

Rob McKenna as Attorney General

Supported by the anti-union Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Rob McKenna made his first appearance before the US Supreme Court.  He successfully convinced the Bush-supported court to overturn a Washington Supreme Court ruling that allowed teachers’ unions to use members’ dues for political activities.  McKenna hailed the decision as an “extremely important” precursor that “clears the way” for more restrictions on unions.

Rob McKenna’s opposition to Healthcare reform

There has been nothing more harmful to working class Americans than Rob McKenna’s far-right, aggressive attempts to impede healthcare reform.   As Attorney General, he has done everything that he can to undermine the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010.  The Act:

  • Gives more Americans access to Medicaid,
  • Makes it illegal for insurance companies to cancel your policy if you get sick,
  • Requires that Health Insurance companies spend more of your money on healthcare and less on overhead.
  • Reduces the federal deficit by making government sponsored health programs more efficient.
  • Eliminates government handouts to private insurance companies.

Rob McKenna has fought these very fair, reasonable reforms tooth and nail even though much of the Affordable Care Act contained Republican ideas at one time.   As the Attorney General, he sued the federal government to interfere with healthcare reform.

It is hard to understand why an Attorney General would do this.  It was all about politics.  He was against it because Democrats were for it.  It is doubtful he will behave different as Governor.

The conservative Heritage Foundation and a number of Republicans such as Sen. Charles Grassley were previously supporters of individual mandates. Also, many Republicans and once again the Heritage Foundation were once supporters of insurance exchanges, which are created by the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Despite the clear facts that these were once Republican ideas, nearly every Republican in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate voted against the Affordable Care Act of 2010.  They did so because Democrats said they were for these ideas.  It is all politics to Republicans.  Republicans don’t care about making healthcare more affordable and accessible to working class Americans.

Update: Help from Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers and the National Republican Party was not enough

The Republicans went all out to win this race, but they lost.  It was one of the most heavily targeted electoral contests in the country.  Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers even campaigned for McKenna.  According to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ face book page, she “joined Rob McKenna on his bus tour’s stop in Spokane”.  More on McMorris Rodgers can be found on this site.